Don’t fail to remember to re-seal the gearbox with RTV after you’ve discovered the right mixture. Even although they are called “gaskets”, they is not going to seal your gearbox on their very own.

If everything seems standard, try out changing the equipment-mesh. This is done with the mylar “gaskets” that sit amongst the main gearbox case and the input/output caps. Attempt incorporating or taking away some of these spacers until your gears have roughly 1/eight”-one/4″ of free enjoy. Pros can purchase replacements ($1-2) in different thicknesses, but we advocate the swift and filthy strategy of slicing your very own out of a sheet of mylar.

“Groaning”, “creaking”, or “popping” all sound kind-of similar more than-the-phone. The best factor to do is to disassemble your gearbox and consider a look at the gears and bearings. The issue will normally current itself in the way of damaged/lacking gear enamel, toasted gears (like that photo on our property website page), or blown bearings.

My Gearbox is Groaning/Creaking:

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