Spur Gear Rack

This Spur Gear Rack is well designed. It is accurate in size and glossy in appearance.



This Spur Gear Rack is well designed. It is accurate in size and glossy in appearance. The product is widely been used in high precision machine, plastic cutting machine, wooden engraving machine and all kinds of linear motion areas. We can supply you with this product in a large quantity at wholesale price. Please feel free to contact with us if you are interested!


The surface of ball friction is much smaller than sliding grinding, so in the cleaning, lubrication and other conditions, the service life of ourĀ  Spur Gear RackĀ  is much higher than trapezoidal screw. Each product is made under strict quality control. You can rest assure that the quality of our products is guaranteed.

Product Parameter

Product name spur gear rack
Gear rack type spur/straight
Module M1,M1.5 M2 M3 M4
Length 1000mm,1500mm,2000mm,3000mm,4000mm
Precision class Din8
Tooth treatment high precise milling and shaping machine
Material SCM440/S45C
Hardness 55-60HRC
Tolerance 0.072mm/meter
Heat treatment Tooth surface with heat treatment
Hole tolerance As drawing
Finishing No burrs
Surface treatment Black oxide or zinc plated


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