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Ever-power’s ER-Series Two Stage Piston Air flow Compressors will be the foundation of work life across a wide variety of industries. With legendary effectiveness and dependability, our compressors are built to meet the high specifications of workshops and light industry around the world. Ever-power’s complete and versatile range of piston compressors can fulfill and go beyond exacting requirements no matter the work. The ER-Series combines the best quality, effectiveness, and reliability in an affordable package. With a standard 2-season complete warranty, we stand by our commitment to providing the best compressed air equipment out there. Every ER-Series Two Stage Piston Surroundings Compressor is specifically engineered and includes:
Cast Iron Valve Plates
Cast Iron and Lightweight aluminum Construction
Industrial Grade Connecting Rods
Balanced Cast Iron Crankshafts
Industrial Grade Balanced Pistons
Deep Finned Cylinder Heads
Oversized Ball Bearings
Our wide variety of Piston Atmosphere Compressors comes in a number of configurations to provide versatility and affordability while remaining suitable to any and every want. Options include:
2-10 HP Electric powered Motors
9-13 HP Gas Driven Motors
11.9-84.8 Displacement CFM
6.5-70 ACFM at 100 psi
13.8-64 ACFM at 175 psi
8-200 Gallon Capacity Tanks
Obtainable optional equipment includes belt guard mounted aftercoolers, electronic or pneumatic tank drains, low level oil switches, and in line filters. Contact the Ever-power SALES FORCE today to learn more about all the available options and discover the way the ER-Series of Two Stage Piston Surroundings Compressors can work for you.

4 to 12.4 acfm
110 to 145 psi
Single Stage
We Offer a Wide Collection of Piston Air Compressor Parts
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AR Series
Two Stage Horizontal, Vertical, Gas Driven, and Contractor Piston Compressors

4-88 acfm, up to 100 psig service
Single & Two Stage
2 ppm carry more than factory certified
Single Stage
Our stationary and portable single-stage piston air compressors are ideally fitted to commercial compressed atmosphere applications and smaller sized DIY projects. Despite their little size, they feature a tough cast iron construction that ensures maximum toughness. Key product features add a cast iron cylinder and crankshaft, an aluminum mind and a completely enclosed belt guard.