Cycloidal gearbox

Disadvantages of multi-stage gearboxes (in comparison to single-stage gearboxes):
· More complex design
· Lower amount of efficiency

Quick Details
Applicable Industries:
Gearing Arrangement:
Output Torque:
UP TO 2320
Input Speed:
1400rpm or other
Output Speed:
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:
RAL9006(grey) OR RAL5010(blue)
As required
Housing Material:
Aluminum&iron casting
Input Form:
IEC flange for mounting motor
Mounted Form:
flange-mounted mounting
12 months after vessel date
Output Form:
Solid or Hollow shaft,flange output
Quality Control System:
Special Design Widely Used Cyclo Gearbox
With single spur gears, a pair of gears forms a gear stage. If you connect several gear pairs one after another, that is referred to as a multi-stage gearbox. For every gear stage, the path of rotation between your drive shaft and the output shaft is certainly reversed. The overall multiplication element of multi-stage gearboxes is usually calculated by multiplying the ratio of each gear stage.
The drive speed is reduced or increased by the factor of the gear ratio, depending on whether it is a ratio to sluggish or a ratio to fast. In nearly all applications ratio to slower is required, because the drive torque is certainly multiplied by the entire multiplication factor, unlike the drive rate.
A multi-stage spur gear can be realized in a technically meaningful method up to gear ratio of around 10:1. The reason for this lies in the ratio of the amount of the teeth. From a ratio of 10:1 the traveling gearwheel is extremely little. This has a negative effect on the tooth geometry and the torque that is becoming transmitted. With planetary gears a multi-stage gearbox is incredibly easy to realize.
A two-stage gearbox or a three-stage gearbox may be accomplished by basically increasing the space of the ring gear and with serial arrangement of several individual planet phases. A planetary equipment with a ratio of 20:1 can be manufactured from the individual ratios of 5:1 and 4:1, for example. Rather than the drive shaft the planetary carrier provides the sun gear, which drives the next planet stage. A three-stage gearbox is obtained through increasing the distance of the ring gear and adding another world stage. A tranny ratio of 100:1 is obtained using individual ratios of 5:1, 5:1 and 4:1. Basically, all person ratios could be combined, which outcomes in a huge number of ratio options for multi-stage planetary gearboxes. The transmittable torque can be increased using extra planetary gears when doing this. The direction of rotation of the drive shaft and the result shaft is usually the same, so long as the ring gear or housing is fixed.
As the amount of equipment stages increases, the efficiency of the entire gearbox is reduced. With a ratio of 100:1 the performance is leaner than with a ratio of 20:1. In order to counteract this scenario, the fact that the power loss of the drive stage is low must be taken into thought when working with multi-stage gearboxes. This is achieved by reducing gearbox seal friction loss or having a drive stage that’s geometrically smaller, for example. This also decreases the mass inertia, which is usually advantageous in powerful applications. Single-stage planetary gearboxes are the most efficient.
Multi-stage gearboxes can also be realized by combining different types of teeth. With a right position gearbox a bevel equipment and a planetary gearbox are simply just combined. Here as well the entire multiplication factor may be the product of the average person ratios. Depending on the kind of gearing and the type of bevel gear stage, the drive and the output can rotate in the same path.

Benefits of multi-stage gearboxes:
· Wide selection of ratios
· Constant concentricity with planetary gears
· Compact design with high transmission ratios
· Mixture of different gearbox types possible
· Wide range of uses

Output torque 720 Nm (6,373
Ratio can be switched between 1:1 and 4.25:1.
Ever-power provides high-performance reduction gears, hollow-shaft equipment heads, and single-axis servo actuators and controllers. Its gear provides large torque, high-ratio, and significant shock-load capabilities with intense precision and incredibly low backlash.
Ever-power equipment is utilized to boost system functionality across a wide range of applications, from satellite antenna and military/defense to robotics, semiconductor, and welding. The business employs over 4,000 people and has several manufacturing plants and sales/support offices all over the world.
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