China fluid coupling
KX is a consistent crammed fluid coupling with a specific patented oil circuit created to start off up big inertia devices driven by electric motors

Oil or water continual fill
Compact and lower beginning torque style
High temperature Viton seals
ATEX style obtainable
Sizes from 15 to 29
Power from one hundred to 1340hp
Interior fuse plug
Standard programs:

Opened h2o fill for mine applications

China fluid coupling
BM-Series Flexible Couplings

BM Equipment Couplings are developed for shaft-to-shaft installation, appropriate for all engineering needs exactly where a continuous transmission of energy is necessary.

Positive aspects:

Almost servicing totally free – “NO Grease Required”
Shock and vibration damping
Payment of misalignments
Rapid and simple adjust of adaptable factors
Fall short-secure and capable of withstanding large overloads
17 various measurements available with torque ability exceeding 33100NM (24,414.56 lbs-ft)

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